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Dave Gomez. 23. Sonic architect in Plastic Smiles.
I live in the south suburbs of Chicago.


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My band Plastic Smiles in 3rd place now for the chance to open for Sum 41! Thanks to everyone that voted! Remember that you can vote every day! Hereeeeee… http://www.topblip.com/display/tour_rank/sum41cleve

or not, thats cool too. :)

We managed to get in 4th place in just a day! Thanks a ton! ;) I owe all of you a date at the Old Country Buffet.

Hey dudes and dudettes. (Excuse the spam!) My band (Plastic Smiles) have a shot to open up for Sum 41 at the House of Blues in Cleveland, OH. Its up to the band, Topblip.com and you guys to help us get on the show! Every vote counts and is 

greatly appreciated!! All you have to do is exit that porn site you’ve been looking at all day, go tohttp://www.topblip.com/display/tour_rank/sum41cleve/Create an account, go to the Cleveland,OH/Sum 41 tournament. Click on our video for “Boys Don’t Cry and give us 5 stars (Or less if you hate us. ;)) We’re all huge fans of the band and its no secret that our sound has been greatly influenced by Sum 41 so it would be SO SWEEEETTT to open for them just for one night. Thanks in advance! and have a good night! -Dave

Check us out at..

Twitter: @PlasticSmilesIL
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HELP PLASTIC SMILES OPEN UP FOR SUM 41 at the House of Blues in Cleveland, OH!!!

Lets keep the votes coming! Thanks for all the support thus far! and for those that aren’t in the know my band Plastic Smiles is trying to open up for Sum 41 at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. Vote here!! and please re-blog this! It would be an amazing opportunity as most of you that know me personally know that I’ve been a hardcore Sum 41 fan for 10 years now! thanx everyone! http://www.topblip.com/display/tour_rank/sum41cleve


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Title: Sum 41-Still Waiting Artist: Sum 41 40 plays

Sum 41- Still Waiting

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